Staff and Network Partners

The staff of Evaluators.EU is presented at this site. You will find the CV of Morten Kvistgaard as pdf files to download. The CV is available in three versions: A short EU template version, a longer and more detailed version and a version focusing on communication related assignments. Furthermore you will find selected CVs of Network Partners. Our Network Partners are:


Epinion ( has an annual turnover of 56 Million DKK (7,5 Million ),  and is specializing in economical, political and social science based consulting and quantitative analyses. From Epinion the CV of Ms Heidi Skov Andersen (, an internationally experienced rural development expert (Category II), is available.


Orbicon A/S ( has an annual turnover of 250 Million DKK (35 million ), 325 fulltime employee and is specializing in nature and environment related consulting including SEA and EIA. From Orbicon A/S the CV of Mr Claus Goldberg (, an internationally experienced environmental, nature and biodiversity expert (Category I), is available in two versions.


Morten Kvistgaard:
CV Detailed.pdf

Heidi Skov Andersen:
CV version 1

Claus Goldberg:
CV Detailed.pdf
CV Short.pdf