Slovakia: Follow-up on the Mid-term evaluation of SAPARD in Slovakia. 2004 Morten Kvistgaard was team leader for a team of Danish and Slovak consultants from the Slovakian Research Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics assisting the Slovak Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and the SAPARD Agency (SA) with follow up on the midterm evaluation of the SAPARD programme. The team did provide assistance to develop an action plan based on the prioritisation of the recommendations made in the midterm evaluation report as well as to develop best practices focusing on how to ensure coherence and coordination between measures and projects at e.g. regional level. Finally the project did assist the MoA and the SA in developing an adequate monitoring system including adjusting monitoring and evaluation indicators as well as preparation of an annual report.

JI Projects in Slovakia – Biogas and Energy Efficiency, 2003
Morten Kvistgaard did participate in an assignment with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency on identification and preparation of potential “Joint Implementation” projects in Slovakia, within the areas of biogas production and energy efficiency.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2002 -2003
Slovakia: The TAMES-II assignment did assist the MoA and SAPARD Agency in Slovakia with preparation for the Structural Funds e.g. programming a membership Rural Development Plan and a National Development Plan. The assignment was an extension of the former TAMES project.

Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DANCEE), 2002
Appraisal and tendering of a DANCEE project in Slovakia, regarding assistance to Slovakian Authorities in implementation of the IPPC EU-directive (Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control).

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2002-2003
Slovakia: Technical assistance to the preparation of EU Membership Rural Development Programme through best practices and preparation of MoA input to the Slovak Single Programming Document aimed for the Structural Funds.  Contributed to the coordination between CAP programming and Structural Funds programming.

GEF/Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DANCEE), 2002
This assignment comprises the preparation of a Business Plan, including financial set-up, for a geothermal energy project in Kosice, Slovakia. The total estimated budget for the geothermal project is 51 million EURO and the project is planned for implementation this year. The Business Plan is being prepared through desk research and strategic analysis, review of relevant project documents, interviews with project stakeholders, and visits to international financial institutions and other potential project investors.  

 Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DANCEE), 2001
Appraisal and tendering of a DANCEE project on Hazard Waste Management in Slovakia. The assignment included desk appraisal of draft project document and implementation of tender procedure, including preparation of tender documents (advertisement, project document including TOR, evaluation score model, contract model and other relevant documentation), evaluation of incoming proposals and draft contract with the successful consultancy company.

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2001-2002
Slovakia: Technical assistance to the build-up of a SAPARD Monitoring and Evaluation System. The project aims at assisting the Slovakian Ministry of Agriculture in securing that appropriate monitoring and evaluation arrangements are set up in relation to the implementation of the SAPARD programme. The TAMES project

Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DANCEE), 2001
Evaluation of the Slovak EU approximation plan. An overview of the progress of the project was provided and, subsequently, guidelines for future activities were formulated. Besides from examining the roles and responsibilities of the programme partners, the evaluation also analysed the impact of the programme on the local environment. Furthermore, plans/guidelines for the final Slovak plan were prepared with regard to the full integration of the Slovak Republic into the EU.