Company Profile

Evaluators.EU is a Danish consultancy specializing in strategy, analysis and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects in EU and in Denmark.

The consultancy is established of senior consultant, economist Morten Kvistgaard, having 20 years of experience of evaluations of national and international programmes within the areas of rural development, agriculture, food and business development as well as nature and environment.

The references of Morten Kvistgaard count ex ante, midterm- and ex post evaluations of programmes in Denmark, in EU and in the majority of the new member states in EU as well as in some of the present accession countries. The evaluations are based on Logical Framework Approach and follow the principles recommended by the relevant General Directorates in EU (DG Agri, DG Budget etc.), but are at the same time specifically designed to the national and political context the evaluations are part of.

Technical assistance to institutional and capacity building, training and coaching are also included in to the reference portfolio, in particularly within rural development and assistance to the preparation of rural development programmes in several of the new member states.

Morten Kvistgaard has accomplished numerous stakeholder analyses and user satisfaction analyses for Danish research institutions, and has contributed to strategy development, analyses of internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats (SWOT analyses) as core elements of the strategy process.

It is the vision of Evaluators.EU to contribute to the build up of an international network of experienced consultants improving and developing the state-of-art of evaluations in order to make evaluations even more useful for the political and administrative processes. Evaluations shall provide even more value added for the money invested to the benefit for the citizens. An international network of experienced evaluators can contribute to this global objective both on the national level as well as on the EU level.

Morten Kvistgaard